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Erasing the Miles Between Physicians and Patients.

ProviderSource is a service that eliminates the distance and other barriers between healthcare providers and patients. Through the use of tele-video and other technologies, we tap into our network of qualified physicians and enable the delivery of medical care between patients (particularly those who are in rural parts of the country, are immobile or are on the road) and specialists in distant locations. While patients receive the same, effective care without the time and cost of travel, physicians can offer quality care with the ease of telehealth and without the hassle of backend systems and technology. Providing medical care just got easier, and no physician or patient is too far.

What is ProviderSource?

ProviderSource helps physicians connect with patients by utilizing the latest advancement in medical care - telemedicine. Telemedicine is a popular branch of clinical medicine that relies on technology to capture and broadcast medical data. It can be used to reach remotely located patients more conveniently, while allowing physicians to provide the same quality care as they would during face-to-face, in-office visits.

While ProviderSource provides a database of qualified physicians who offer telemedicine, we also handle everything on the backend so physicians can focus their time and energy on doing what they do best, caring for the patients. We connect physicians with nursing homes, health clinics, doctor's offices, as well as rural health clinics and rural doctor's offices, setting up all of the equipment needed for successful communication. The system is easy to use and acts as a single source for scheduling and billing, so any physician can quickly and easily begin offering telemedicine services.

Who Benefits?

The greatest benefit that ProviderSource offers is access - access for all involved. For physicians, it offers access to more rural patients, therefore helping to increase clientele. For rural patients, it offers a wider access to physicians, removing the inconvenience and cost of travel and building a greater sense of privacy and confidentiality. And for facilities, it offers access to a service that is differentiating and an added-value for its residents.

Our Services

All of the ProviderSource services are designed to offer and deliver specialty care to remote areas, while still resulting in the same customer satisfaction as a face-to-face visit. Each is convenient and easy to use. As of now, ProviderSource offers the following telemedicine services:

Sleep Study

ProviderSource's Sleep Study is an inexpensive alternative to traditional sleep apnea testing. Not only does it offer testing that can be performed in the comfort of a patient's home, it also offers Chain of Custody protection for validity and legal security. The test provides easy-to-follow instructions and the results are shared conveniently with the company's physician within two days. If the participant is diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea, a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) or an Automatic Positive Airway Pressure (APAP) machine will be prescribed to improve quality of sleep and relieve sleep apnea symptoms, such as excessive daytime sleepiness.


ProviderSource's Tele-psych service connects physicians with rural patients via a HIPAA-compliant video and audio network. This service resolves geographic barriers providing remote populations access to quality medical care and specialty services, such as mental health and medication review.